Sunday, January 16, 2011

we like cats.

I tried to be all artsy and bring my cat Dinah outside and take some pictures with her.  Obviously it didn't really work....Rachel and I just took a Goodwill trip (the greatest store ever) and I found this gem of a shirt for like 4 bucks.  So naturally, laden with about ten articles of clothing each, we ran into a dressing room together and modeled in front of the mirror.  Then my mom banned me from shopping at Goodwill for a while. It's actually quite sad.  Good thing I can get Rach's mom to drive us...

Also, I'm obsessed with these clogs.  My mom and sister told me they were impractical, but they were on clearance at Nordstrom so I got them anyways.  And besides, my mom was paying.

xoxo- anna

shirt- thrifted, jeans- Forever 21, necklace- Forever 21, ring- H&M, clogs- Nordstrom

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