Thursday, February 24, 2011

i'm swedish.

Hey, hey, hey ladiesss! I hope everyone had a great week.  Mine has been actually really good. We didn’t have school Monday (Thank you presidents!), so it’s gone by fast.  It’s already almost the weekend! It is going to be busy because on Saturday my and Anna's band has our first performance!! And it’s at the Palladium, which is freaking scary. But im also really excited (: We’re going to sing covers of Tiger Mountain Peasant Song by Fleet Foxes and Hard Believer by First Aid Kit.  Then later that day, our school has Dance Marathon for six hours, which I’m also excited about.

Anyways, this has been one of my go-to winter outfits.  It doesn’t offer much warmth, but pain is beauty right?  I love the whole chunky knits trend right now. And of course, I gotta have my leathers!  I hope everyone has amazing weekends!

xoxo- rachel

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