Sunday, February 13, 2011

vintage sundays.

Today's a good day for lazing around, I feel like.  I really don't want to take a shower (sorry if you're grossed out) and I woke up to the delicious aroma of cinnamon rolls, eggs, sausage, and strawberries.  My family hasn't eaten Sunday breakfast together for like four years.  My older sister just went back up to Purdue, so that's probably why.

Anyways, I just got this shirt at the Goodwill, and I'm a little nervous to wear it.  I'm not sure how I feel about polka dots.  They might be a little too out there for me.  Also, I'm technically not allowed to wear sheer out of the house.  My mom checks to see if you can see my bra through my shirt before I leave.  Some people just don't understand fashion...


polka dot shirt: thrifted, jeans: Forever 21, necklace: vintage, shoes: Forever 21, earrings: Claire's

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