Thursday, February 17, 2011

happy late singles awareness day!

Hello everyone!  This is our late Valentines Day post.  Did you have a good one?  Mine was ok.  I got some flowers and chocolate but I don’t have a boyfriend so it wasn’t great.  I was feeling the love in the air, so I went out girly for this one..well atleast my version of girly.  I paired my corset flower dress with my flower boots: I’m pretty much obsessed with these boots by the way! Theyre one of my staples.  And of course I had to add a lot of black with the fishnets (rawr!) and the sweater.  Have a great weekend everyone!!

xoxo- rachel

Dress-H&M, Boots-Doctor Martens, Tights-Target, Sweater-Goodwill

p.s. A black guy gave Rachel a rose, she's just too humble to brag;] She has jungle fever...

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