Thursday, March 10, 2011

winter sucks.

Hiiiiiii (: So winter is starting to suck away my creativity.  It’s times like these where I gotta rely on my style basics.  Which brings me to the olive green/black mix.  I am in love with these pants.  I’d like to think that they’re similar to the Alexander Wang half leather/half legging spandex combos.  You can’t really tell from these pictures but the front side is leather and the back is spandex, so from the side theres this cool contrast.  And then I paired them with this olive green sweater.  It used to be a plain knitted sweater, but I got bored one day (and since I’m all for the destroyed look) I just spontaneously decided to cut a bunch of holes in it.  Grunge?

xoxo- rachel

leggings: H&M, sweater, necklace, ankle boots: Forever 21

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